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Article marketing is a time tested tool that can effectively direct traffic to any particular site. Profits will be seen as being doubles if not more through this tool when correctly used. Though perceived to be difficult it is really quite an easy tool to design and use. This marketing strategy is self promoting and the best way to advertise one’s products of services through the network marketing platform.

Article Marketing

Brand Yourself As An Expert And The Leads Will Come To You

Chapter 1:

Network Marketing Article Marketing Basics

The use of article directories is needed in order to feature and promote the products or services online as they function as good web page ranks and this in turn brings the visitors to the site. These sites are often categorized as authority sites by the various different search engines.

The Basics

The internet marketers will then maximize the results of visiting prospects by using the article advertising tool and getting it placed on as many search engine lists as possible.

Some of the articles can be tweaked a little to ensure the search engines do not reject the attempt to get them listed because of the perceived similar content.

This tool is also relatively free as compared to other tools which may offer similar promises, primarily due to the fact that these articles receive traffic by way of organic searches.

Marketing articles is also a great way to gain traffic because the material being feature is considered to be addressed to a niche target audience and therefore perceived to somewhat of an authority of the subject matter being presented.

By establishing this fact through the avenue, the trust and go to factor is firmly in place thereby creating the need for repeat visits. This is also considered to be a highly regarded tool as the material content is often well researched and holds some credibility, hence the reference of being an authority.

Chapter 2:

Get Your Site Set Up

Noting all the different reasons to set up a site will better assist the individual in the actual process of doing so. This is to ensure the eventual site is designed to create the desired effects right from the beginning of the endeavor.

These reasons may include wanting to communicate information in a quick and effective manner, needing visibility for the endeavor featured, a platform for selling and buying goods or services, wanting to provide immediate answers and solutions to problems, are just a few of the more popular ones.

Your Site

Building a site is not that difficult to do but designing one that will stay competitive and acquire the desired interests takes some careful thought and planning.

Using the services of well established experts in this field is one option. Building the site with the various tools sourced from the internet or from the web host is also an option.

Taking the less stressful choice of simply downloading or buying web creation tools or using a regular hosting company are all different options available for those intending to set up their own sites.

However all these should eventually point towards the formation of a site that is good enough to be picked up and featured by the various different search engines for optimum exposure.

When designing the site elements such as pictures, tutorials, links, content, and any other contributing features have to chosen for its merits in ensuring traffic to the site.

This can be done with a little research done on what are the current and most attention pulling styles and contents. Mimicking these is not recommended but designing a site with these points in mind would be a good way to start.

Following as already successful blue print as a guideline will help to eliminate the need to constantly redesign.

Chapter 3:

Research What Your Target Audience Is Looking For

Featuring or posting information that one thinks is personally interesting and accepting is not a good way to start targeting the audience’s attention.

Things that seem both informative and beneficial will not be well received if it not what the current market sentiments dictates. Therefore keeping in check the need to feature what one thinks is good is not always the best of ideas or ways to go about getting the attention of a particular niche target audience.

What Is Being Searched

Research and careful consideration is a better option to choose when designing material to attract the target audience desired.

Browsing the more popular sites while understanding and noting the material that is being featured and why these featured items are commanding such attention will give the individual a chance to design material that is target audience friendly.

These researches should be done for a number of reasons, some of which may include getting new inspirational ideas for one’s own site content, keeping track of what is current in terms of products, services or sector developments, enhancing the network of business contacts and any other beneficial points.

As most target audiences want material that is helpful and informative without being too long winded and boring, the content of the site should always be kept interesting and as much as possible in point form.

Very few appreciate or take the time to read a long and technically worded presentation mostly because time is of the essence and there is very little of it to spare trying the decipher such contents.

If the material is based on elements that don’t require a lot of technical terms using such terms to show boastful intelligence will only cause the target audience to look elsewhere for the answers they are seeking.

Chapter 4:

Author Relevant Unique Articles With Keywords

Though most article contents are based on a bunch of words being put together to represent an idea, there is now an ever growing trend to include a comfortable number of graphics and other attention grabbing illustrations to enhance the visiting experience.

Be Relevant

In keeping with the need to get recognized by the search engines simply because of the ratings it provides the use of keywords is very important and should be included as often as possible without seeming repetitive.

However this does not mean that the article has to be dry and boring simply because this important element has to considered and included.

The actual topic being feature could be unique in nature or the style in which it is being presented could take on a unique perspective. Whatever the angle maybe, the foremost element to be considered is the level of uniqueness it is capable of portraying.

Including thumbnails is also something to be considered when trying to create something unique. These thumbnails should be able to provide the vibrancy element needed to take the material designed to the next level thus tapping into the element of uniqueness.

Another element that can also be considered for inclusion, in keeping with the uniqueness theme, would be featuring some beautifully hand written material alongside the normal font used. However this should not be a dominant feature throughout the said site. Using many different titles to feature the similar material contents also helps to create different unique postings on several search engine indexing.

Designing unique word press themes for posting the various different material contents is also another way to portray uniqueness.

These usually take the form of unique premium themes that are only featured once to keep its originality. Designing articles with vibrant accompanying images will help to elevate the element of being different and attention grabbing. This in turn will facilitate the higher site ranking on search engine platforms like Google Image.

Chapter 5:

Write An Eye Catching Resource Box

Resource box tool is another powerful element that can contribute to assisting search engines associate the website with certain keywords. Therefore using such a tool for the advancement of search engine placing or ranking would be useful indeed when it come to driving more traffic to the site.

Get Your Name Out There

However in order to successfully tap into the area of expertise one should first examine certain criteria for its merits and suitability. The first would be to explore the options presented in the use of various different keyword choices but noting that the ideal choice should consist of only two to three words.

This anchor text of two to three words should ideally refer to the phrase that links back to the website and it should be a choice that would encourage high ratings.

The resource box should contain such phrases that would be self descriptive and like to be used when surfing for specific information.

The resource box should also contain more information about the designer of the site content and a convincing piece on why the visitor should view the site.

Providing compelling reasons that are both strong and encouraging will create the interest to explore further. Other items to be included in the resource box should be the host’s name, brief information of the site and its featured merits, enticing freebies, added value contents while browsing and perhaps eBooks and newsletters.

Another item to include in the resource box design would be to ensure there is a hyperlink that includes written out URL as this will assist the viewer to easily click on the website of the original host.

This of course is important in ensuring the viewer eventually gets to site intended. Resource boxes are a very powerful tool that should be carefully designed and used for strategic purposes and it is not hard to do if the guidelines are followed.

Chapter 6:

Learn How To Use Article Directories

Being part of the vast array of tools available for successful and impact orientated internet featured material, article directories are yet another avenue that can and should be used for the purpose of creating the desired interest in a site.


Basically article directories are websites that accept specifically designed material on various different topics to be feature or published at a specific site or to be linked to other sites.

Differing slightly from its original version of link directories where only links were noted, the article directories actually contain informative material ready for viewing.

This effectively and conveniently combines two important platforms which are search engine optimization and search engine marketing. This brings the target audience to the intended site and the backlinks.

Optimizing the exposure with the use of target keywords will help to ensure the target audience is able to access the site vie the articles and the links in the author boxes or by going directly to the said site.

There is also the option of choosing the anchor text and including this in the relevant keywords for the links to the author box. Using the article to describe the benefits of the services or products being featured without actually mentioning specifics but instead encouraging the visit by links is a less potentially boring way of disseminating information.

If the articles feature in the article directories are well designed, informative and interesting the host is able to gain recognition as an authority in the particular area and thus again garner the necessary interest which will contribute to the eventual consistent success of the site.

This will also eventually create the availability of regular new backlinks to the site. Bearing in mind that the contents should be as factual and substantiated as possible at all times.

Chapter 7:

Learn How To Use Article Submission Software

Optimizing article submission requires some basic knowledge on how to effectively use the software to the best advantage. The software will assist in allowing the submitted articles to be feature in hundreds of directories in a very short period of time. This in turn will then be converted into success rates for optimum interest in the sites featured.

Learn It

As there are several different types of article submission site software available in the market today there is a need to explore some of the options before making an informed decision on which one to choose but basically they all assist in sending out articles to directories.
The following are some of the step to follow when learning how to use the article submission software tool:

Deciding on a suitable title for the article and the placing it in the box allocated for it. Then give a brief synopsis of the article so that the viewers will have an idea of the actual content without actually having to view it on the spot.

Then insert the article in its whole form in the text body box. The rules governing the format and font may differ between software. Following this there will be a request to insert keywords that have been targeted for optimum search engine recognition. These keyword choices should be done with careful consideration as it would be the focal point for the search engine rankings.

Next one would have to decide which category would best suit the context to be featured in. this maybe done according to generics or it may include subcategories. Submitting into a few categories is recommended as this will allow for the article to be accessed by various different and perhaps diverse surfers.

Finally the bio box has to be filled with the necessary information about the host and what is being offered that is unique. The wording choice is important because it will act as the attraction element to encourage a visit to the website.

Chapter 8:

The Importance Of Website Traffic

Gaining more traffic to a website is probably the single most important exercise that creates the assurance of success on any online endeavor. Therefore some concerted effort should be put into finding the best tools to create this ideal platform of website traffic at its optimum.

What Is Crucial

Profits or revenue is usually harnessed from high website traffic which should ideally stay consistent. A lot of the online transactions are as a result of basically virtual shopping as people today have very little interest or time in actually performing this act physically.

Determining the source of the profit coming in is important. This maybe in the form of a direct purchase or in the form of marketing tools that drive the potential customer to financially make a commitment towards the endeavor.

Either way both styles need the financial support the website traffic can bring in. Therefore the more exposure available for the site, the more traffic will be directed to the site and this will then translate into desired revenue opportunities.

Other advertisers with related products or services will be interested in the site too.

Wrapping Up

Having a strong flow of website traffic will also create the interest in others wanting to be tagged to the site with the hope that some of the traffic can be channeled to their own sites.

This will then increase the value of the original site many fold. Besides attempting to create the traffic flow using the internet marketing tools available, there is also the option of using the expertise of SEO service providers which could prove to be a better and more effective choice.

These experts can provide better management of demographic researches on the product or service being offered, better choice of hyper focused keywords, continual as testing and landing page development.