Can You Make a Living with Part Time Affiliate Marketing?

All the gurus say affiliate marketing is so easy

If that’s true, why are there literally millions of affiliate marketers earning $0 month after
The thing is, affiliate marketing is NOT as easy as most gurus make it out to be.
affiliate marketingYou can’t just pick a product or service at JVZoo, Clickbank, Amazon, ShareaSale or

Commission Junction and start advertising your affiliate link. I don’t care where you advertise — Google Adwords, Facebook, blogs or ad networks.

Do that and you will almost always burn through more cash than you earn in commissions
every month. Unless you have very deep pockets you need to be a lot smarter about your
affiliate marketing.
Over the years I’ve tried just about every affiliate marketing strategy known to man-kind. I
now make a full-time income — mostly from affiliate marketing. I mix in a few other
online income strategies as well, such as product creation and advertising income, but my
favorite way to earn online is from affiliate marketing.
Today I’ll share some of my secrets with you.
Right after this banner for a new service I’m considering offering…

Secret #1: Stick to ONE niche

I see far too many affiliate marketers build a site around “ebooks” and then try to sell
ebooks via amazon or wherever, on all topics.
That’s a big mistake in my opinion. You need to stick to ONE niche that you know and
If your thing is woodworking then build a site around woodworking. Share your best
projects. Share your worst screw-ups. Show them you’re human just like them. You can

write all about it, make videos about it – however you are most comfortable sharing information.

Just don’t stray off the topic of woodworking and try to sell affiliate products in the
Internet marketing niche. Your audience will lose interest and see right through your sales
pitch. But if you’re showing them how to build a chair then you tell them you downloaded
the plans from x site, well, that’s different.
That’s how you make lots of sales over and over.

Secret #2: Know what you are promoting – I mean REALLY know it.

affiliateThe easiest products to sell are the ones you use yourself. When I go back through all my
affiliate promotions I can easily see that the top performers were the ones I really liked and
used myself. Not always, but usually.
That’s why it is so important to promote stuff you would buy or have bought yourself. That
way you can literally show potential buyers all the good and the bad of the product. That
makes your promotions REAL and GENUINE.
Here’s an example from my own promotions. Awhile back I promoted a program about
domaining. Basically buying domains for a few bucks and selling them for profit. So I
wrote a blog post about domaining showing the actual results I had with the program.

Secret #3: Promote like you would to your mom’s best friend.

As I mentioned, when you are doing affiliate marketing you are going to need to create
some content around the products you promote. I’m talking about emails, blog posts,
videos and well… ways to help potential buyers make a decision.
This is where many affiliate marketers go wrong. They go into sales pitches like a bad
used car salesman.
Instead of doing that, you need to keep it real. Talk to them like you respect them, want to
help them and can relate to them.
Talk about real world things. Inject a little humor. Keep it light and don’t pressure them.
They’ll appreciate it and want more.
And yes, they might even but from your link. If not this time, maybe next time.
Here’s an example of an email I sent out to my list a while back that generated a BUNCH
of sales….
I then went on to tell them about a great program I had been testing, and shared the
affiliate link.
This type of affiliate marketing is not only more fun, it is more effective. More people will
pay attention to you when you are not in their face screaming louder than the next guy
about why they should buy.
Try this technique and I guarantee you’ll start getting better results with your affiliate

OK, let me wrap this up…

As you can see from today’s issue, if you want to earn serious commissions with affiliate
marketing, you need to put in some time and effort.
You need to be creative. And you need to take as many lessons from experience marketers
as you can.
Follow the stuff they do that works. Copy them when you can.
In fact, copy ME if you want to.
You can get all of them (hundreds!) along with a list of all the top programs I used them
on. You can use them on the programs I promoted, or use them on your own stuff.
You can use them as email solos, follow-ups, blog posts and in your articles. Just use
them! They generated a lot of great feedback and a ton of sales, and they can do that for
you too.
If you want to start generating full-time affiliate commissions in your spare time, this is
probably the easiest way to do it without doing all the work yourself
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